bicycling for mental healthThe mental health benefits of exercise are becoming known to people, but the extent of how much mental damage exercise can repair is really quite remarkable. Exercising regularly has been shown to completely improve a person’s quality of life on many levels. Humans evolved to be athletic and much of our chemistry depends on exercise in order to stay functional, both physically and mentally. When we remove the component of exercise from our lives, we become dysfunctional. When we include it in our daily lives and take it seriously, we function at our highest level.

The reason exercise makes such a big difference in our lives is because of the way it regulates our body and brain chemistry, assists our metabolism and keeps us physically and mentally strong. Body and brain chemistry can easily become imbalanced. Metabolism plays a huge part in the distribution and regulation of the chemicals in our bodies and brains. Our metabolism is what keeps our chemicals circulating, and exercise plays a huge part in what keeps them circulating correctly. Our moods can also be affected by the state of our physical health. When physical health is low we often feel down, which is why it is important to keep strength up through exercise.

It is important to recognize how necessary exercise is to mental health in a world where mental disorder and addiction thrive so easily. Exercise is one of the most highly recommended methods of fighting mental illness, including drug addiction rehab centers. The help one receives with mood regulation through exercise cannot be understated. Even in rehabs and behavioral wellness centers, exercise is a necessary part of the regimen in order to ensure the best care possible for clients. This is because mental health professionals know to recommend exercise for promotion of good mental health. By taking up an activity like bike riding, one can keep their physical bodies and their minds in good working order.

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