bicycling benefitsEveryone has seen the trains of bicyclists that line scenic streets, peddling through cities, countrysides and mountainous areas. Perhaps you have been a part of them. Bicycling is one of the best ways you can possibly spend your free time and is a much loved hobby of many people around the globe. The benefits you receive from time on a bike are numerous and should make everyone consider taking up cycling in their spare time.

As everyone knows, bicycling makes for excellent exercise. In fact, bicycling is considered healthier than running or jogging because it is lower impact. Bicycling works the leg muscles and the core muscles efficiently. It is easy on joints because they have very little shock to absorb. Bicycling is a great way to keep your weight managed and the muscles in your lower body toned and shapely. Bicycling helps manage cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as helps prevent heart disease, obesity, stroke and diabetes.

Bicycling is also excellent for mental health. Some reasons for this are obvious. Enjoyable, therapeutic activities are always good for mental health. But a less known reason is related to what exercise does for mental health. Exercise is often called the most affordable form of therapy there is, and for good reason. Exercise does more to balance body and brain chemicals than the contents of a pharmacy do. Exercise makes our brains produce serotonin and dopamine, which elevate our moods and energy. Bicycling while you reflect makes use of your right brain and left brain together, which is very good for mental health.

And lastly, bicycling is simply enjoyable. It allows you to see a great deal of scenery at a much faster pace than walking, it gives the thrill of adrenaline when you go fast and it gets you outdoors to enjoy the natural world. Bicycling is addictive to many people who try it.